2020-04-04 – Cladding Update

IGMC Update 4 April 2020

Message from Philip Davis, Chair, Islington Gates Leaseholder Management Company:

As you know we are changing managing agents to Wolfs. In the interim, it would be helpful to the management of the cladding issues if you could pay the amount requested in the Service Charge Invoice. Or, if not yet possible, please pay the smaller ‘ordinary’ Service Charge amount show to Wolfs ASAP, as an interim payment. Wolfs and I will write again in due course. I must stress that payment of the full amount invoiced is necessary to remove the long term fire safety issues at Islington Gates and restore full value to our properties. We will, however be seeking Government help from the expanded Cladding Fund, which, if granted Is likely to result in at least some re-payments to all residential leaseholders.

Any Service Charge payment already made to Savills will be transferred to Wolfs as the new managing agent.


Phil Davis
Chair – IGMCo